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 About Peppermint Poppy

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Peppermint Poppy

Based in West London, Peppermint Poppy provides a flower design and styling service for private and corporate events in London and nationwide. It is run by Kenza and her team of talented designer florists.

More than a decade ago, Kenza left her career in the Science world to indulge in her passion for flowers and flower design. Her inspirations come from the natural beauty of plants and details of the earth; delicately budded branches in spring, unfurling tender fern heads, and a field of carefree and sunny poppies…

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Colour & Creativity

Whether designing a large urn of flowers mirroring a sumptuous 17th century Dutch oil painting or unpretentious kitchen jars of wild garden blossoms, Peppermint Poppy’s team thrive upon working with colours and textures to create living art.